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Monday, July 2, 2012

Retirement Work -- Travel Writing

Lenora Boyle of Fairfield, IA has a business that brings her and her clients to Italy for enjoyable and relaxing seminars. Many expats keep working, like Lenora does -- from teaching to setting up online businesses. 
YOU DO NOT REALLY think that retirement is a time for snoozing, do you? I know if you did, you would not be reading Retirement Monologues. This blog will SOON be serving as my new "home" for travel writing.

Fred and I are moving to South America in the next month, and I am quite excited about unique and new adventures there. Digging into my journalism past, I have decided to spend more time doing travel and adventure journalism, and South America is the perfect place to be for this venture. 

As I work as a travel journalist, of course I will share tips and secrets RIGHT HERE just in case you want to take on this lifestyle, too. Here is how I am introducing my new retirement adventure:


JUST IMAGINE THE world beyond your own back yard. Close your eyes and smell the salt air of the Pacific ocean. Feel the breezes blowing across jeweled white sands of New Mexico. Soak up the warm Atlantic ocean waves under the South American sun. Explore hidden treasures in an ancient Andean village. Dig into the local cuisine. Imagine you are there
...with professional travel journalist Susan Klopfer.
PLEASE COME ALONG with me as I begin my new adventure -- from Gallup, New Mexico to Cuenca, Ecuador. Even if I am moving far away to South American, don't think for a moment that I will not be adventuring outside of my new home. There are so many adventures to share in and out of South America.
We have many places to go together, you and I. So let's begin.
First stop? Gallup, New Mexico, where I have been LIVING and ADVENTURING for the past two years. I will be writing about Gallup's unique culture and adventure opportunities. from enjoying Native American rugs, baskets, pottery, jewelry and culture, to bike, balloon events and still more. 
Post no. 1 -- Where is Gallup, why is it and Adventure Capital, and exactly what's to do there? How is Gallup changing?
Coming August 2012.